A picture of Ryan, the founder

Ryan is an asset manager and founder of Bemiston Asset Management, an independent, fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to helping clients meet various financial goals. He founded Bemiston to provide a better experience for investors. Ryan gained invaluable experience working for institutional investment managers, investment consultants, and financial advisors.   

He works with clients ranging from professionals to families and millennials to retirees. Clients choose Ryan for his transparent fee structure and goal-oriented plan design. He believes in using technology to simplify clients’ investment processes by meeting many demands online.

I became a financial advisor because I wanted to help others. Finance can be complicated, even for professionals, and it can be difficult to make the right decisions. Investing on your own is very difficult, time-intensive, and stressful. Adding another layer of confusion for investors, many of the titles in the industry and have become convoluted and devoid of meaning. Anyone in the industry can call themselves a financial advisor, but unfortunately, many advisors work for commissions. How can you know that your advisor has your best interests at heart over trying to make the next sale or earn the next commission?

I believe that the client’s needs must come before the advisers. In my career, I have seen all too often, that sales have driven the investment process over meeting a client’s goals. My purpose is to put the client’s goals at the center of the financial planning and investment process. I created this firm to look out for my clients’ best interests without satisfying the sales and commissions requirements of other companies

– Ryan Graves

Meet Ryan

Ryan lives in St. Louis, where he enjoys working out, playing softball, sand volleyball, soccer, flag football in the many local parks. Ryan is a huge fan of the St. Louis Blues and watches whenever he can. When he is not working or working out, he often enjoys many of the excellent pizza and taco restaurants in town. Ryan is also an Eagle Scout, and when he finds the time, he tries to help the Boy Scouts with Swimming and Life Saving Merit Badges.