Financial Planning and Investment Management

Customized financial solutions for millennial professionals seeking to make the most of their financial opportunities.

Financial Planning

A financial plan is more than a budget; it connects your current circumstances to your goals, achieving freedom beyond constraints. 

Asset Management

A qualified professional will help you filter out the noise and apply a science-based investment management process that works for you.

A picture of Ryan, the founder

Ryan Graves, CFA

Ryan is an asset manager and founder of Bemiston Asset Management, an independent fiduciary, fee-only financial planning firm in St. Louis dedicated to helping clients meet various financial goals. Ryan gained invaluable experience working for institutional investment managers, investment consultants, and financial advisors. He founded Bemiston to provide a better experience for investors.   

He works with clients ranging from young professionals to millennial families. Clients choose Ryan for his transparent fee structure and goal-oriented plan design. He believes in using technology to simplify the financial planning and investment process for clients and their families, meeting many demands online.

My Typical Client

The typical client I work with is an early-to-mid career professional with several hundred thousand dollars of investable assets and seeking to make more of their opportunities.

Wanting delegate responsibility and balance enjoying the now while planning for the future

Looking for a partner to help them through all of life’s challenges and transitions

Values achieving tangible investment outcomes as opposed to “beating the market”

Financial Planning

We craft your custom plan over several strategy meetings, using engaging software, detailed analysis, in-depth discussions, and tailored reports.

I offer a complimentary meeting where we get to know each other.

Before the meeting, I ask that you provide some details about your financial life and what you are looking to achieve.

After that, I can show you how we can work together to achieve your goals. 

Asset Management

Asset Management is for clients that want to delegate their investment decisions in addition to a financial plan. 

We work together to determine your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and socially responsible investment themes. 

We meet regularly to discuss your investments, progress, and any changes to your circumstances.

I coordinate with your accountants, estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, and insurance representatives as needed.

Fee Schedule

The financial planning fee scales with complexity to a maximum of $2,000.

The asset management fee is 1%. I usually waive financial planning fees with managed asset accounts.

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